The Flying Flamingos Workshop vol. 2

Posted on 26.08.2020 | More Updates
After the great feedback that we received after the first clinic we will do a second one, EVEN better and EVEN longer and of course again with Jan Demner
It will be specialized in FOIL boarding from waterstart to jibes, tacks and with the TWIN TIP board big air, old-school tricks, board offs & kiteloops 
 What you will learn?
with TWIN TIP board:
jumping technique, board off variations, cool transitions, kiteloops, rotations.
with FOIL board:
waterstart, tacks, jibes, jumps, grabs
+ additionally:
advanced safety techniques, video analysis and tuning your equipment
Daily Program is adapted to your level and needs. We can make individual lessons, as well as group ones.
Depending on the wind conditions there will be two, three, even four sessions - in the morning and in the afternoon 
You will also learn advanced safety techniques and how to tune your own equipment to your needs.
Video analysis is included.
Everything will be customized to your needs, so if there is something specific, you need help with, we will work on that. Adapting to your personal needs and level is the most important thing!
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