Aliki beach

Huge sandy beach with no crowds and stable wind - the first kite-only spot in Limnos

Our spot is located on a huge sandy beach with stable wind. It’s a kitesurfing-only spot similar to the rest of the beach. The water in front of the station is deep and our beginner area is shallow to the waist. Inside the water we have swells and small breaking waves at the shallow zone. There’s plenty of space for setting up your kite gear and even more space for riding. We open at 10 AM and work till 8 PM. There’s no reason to rush in the morning because the best wind comes later on and stays till it’s dark. When there’s Meltemi wind, there will most usually be late-afternoon side-shore sunset sessions.

Wind Conditions

As a general rule of thumb, for most of the summer, the island of Limnos has the Meltemi wind. This is our main wind direction. It usually starts in the middle of June and goes on till mid to late October. In May and the second part of October we have the south wind. During the off season (May and October), some west and east winds can occur, the west coming with a lot of gusts, as opposed to the east wind, which is quite clear, but may also blow during the high season. The north wind is mainly thermal wind in the afternoon, but, on rare occasions, may come with gusty stormy weather.

Wind Types

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What people say about us
"An amazing spot, deep into the Natura 2000 reservation, absolutely wild and for the time being unspoiled. The team of FlaminGokite is very friendly, nice and dedicated to make you love kite surfing and respect the nature. Lessons are demanding, as this sport is no joke, but the instructors are calm, professional and very reliable so that you feel safe at any time and enjoy the effort. The kite station is kids friendly and is without any doubt the best place to start or advance your kite surfing skills." rating stars Alexander I., Google Maps