Kite Equipment Rentals

Rent Cabrinha 2019 equipment for all the styles needed: freeriding, wave riding, strapless, light wind, hydrofoil, and freestyle

All of our equipment is brand new Cabrinha from the current season. The kite sizes available range from 3.5 to 15. We have Moto, Switchblade, FX, Drifter, and Contra kites. The board sizes range from 127 to 150 cm.

Cabrinha 2019 Cabrinha 2019 Available sizes for every wind condition
Foil & Strapless Boards Foil & Strapless Boards advanced equipment
Rescue boat Rescue boat available for all rentals

We also have a foil board with three different masts and a strapless surfboard. Basically, we got you covered for all wind conditions and all different styles!

Rentals Pricelist

Duration Price Kite/board
1 hour 30 25 30 + 3
3 hours 60 40 50 + 5
1 day 80 50 60 + 8
2 days 140 90 95 + 15
3 days 190 120 125 + 18
4 days 220 140 145 + 21
5 days 250 160 165 + 24
6 days 280 180 185 + 27
1 week 300 200 205 + 30
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Our spot is perfectly located for downwinders. We have a couple of possible “lines” with different durations. We can start from our station or finish there depending on the route. Note that for a downwinder we need specific wind and conditions. For more information you can ask on the station or you can contact us!


We recommend you get insurance in case of equipment damage. Otherwise, you’ll be required to pay the full price of the repair.

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What people say about us
"I’ve traveled a lot of countries and have seen a lot of good and bad kite station. While Limnos offers great kitesurfing conditions and beautiful nature – it is not the beauty of the kite spot that made this trip unforgettable! It’s the way that this kite station is run by Buji and the good vibes and atmosphere! You find something like this very very rarely and I’ll come back for sure!" rating stars Miriam M., Facebook