Kitesurf Downwinders

to Aliki , Keros and Red Rock beach
Aliki beach is perfectly located for downwinders. We have a couple of possible “lines” with different durations. We can start from FlaminGokite or finish there depending on the route. For more information you can ask on the station or you can book a downwinder online! 

Things to know

  • Duration varies depending on the rhythm of the group.
  • Distance is calculated by making a straight line from start till finish point.

required skills

  • The minimum amount of riders have to be present.
  • Independant rides only.
  • All downwinders start before noon.
  • Stable wind forecast.

Safety First

  • Always keep a distance from the other riders.
  • Always follow the leader of the group.
  • Stay together with the group.
  • Do not stay upwind when you see the group is going downwind.
  • Downloops and kiteloops are forbidden.
  • Do not be a show-off keep distance from the others.
  • Do not try new tricks and moves if you can't stomp them.

Sep 17th 2021

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What people say about us
"Amazingly friendly and professional staff, the wind is super stable here compared to Keros bay. New and well maintained Cabrinha equipment. Beginner friendly location. Very dog friendly." Robbie A., Google Maps