Beginner Kitesurf Courses

Learn kitesurf with our certified instructors, group and private courses adapted to you and Cabrinha 2022 equipment.
Our instructors are certified and with many seasons of experience. We believe kitesurf is suitable for everyone - we’ve worked with people from the ages of 8 to 68. We adapt our courses and lesson plans to fit every individual student. 
We can teach in your language - English, German, Russian, Bulgarian.

Having a personal attitude towards our guests is very important to us. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or want to learn hydrofoil, strapless or wing foil — we start from where you left off. We only require your safety and the safety of all other beach users. Everything else is practice!

To ensure you have the best learning experience our courses with groups are with two people only. You can also choose the combined group + private course or a private course.

private courses

One person with one kite. Book your course in advance!

group courses

Two people with one kite Book your course in advance!

group + private

Switch to a Private course after finishing the 9 hour Group course. Book your course in advance!
  • 9 hours - two person with one kite:
    basics of kitesurfing
    - kite control
    - bodydrag
  • 3 hours - one person with one kite
    - waterstart

Things to know

  • It’s required to be able to swim.
  • If you have a serious health condition, please let us know in advance.
  • All prices are per person.

May 23rd 2022

FlaminGokite Season 2022 is now open!
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What people say about us
"Amazingly friendly and professional staff, the wind is super stable here compared to Keros bay. New and well maintained Cabrinha equipment. Beginner friendly location. Very dog friendly." Robbie A., Google Maps