Beginner & Advanced Kite Courses

Learn kitesurf with our certified instructors, courses adapted to you and Cabrinha 2020 equipment. We also offer hydrofoil and strapless lessons.
Certificate card Certificate card Certificate included
Radio system Radio system teaching using a radio system
Boat Courses Boat Courses Teaching by boat in the deep water
Multilingual Multilingual English, German, Russian, Bulgarian
Foil & Strapless Foil & Strapless Become a pro on foil and surf boards
Cabrinha 2020 Cabrinha 2020 Learn with brand new equipment

Our instructors are certified and with many seasons of experience. We believe kitesurf is suitable for everyone - we’ve worked with people from the ages of 8 till 68. We adapt our courses and lesson plans to fit every individual student.

Having a personal attitude towards our guests is very important to us. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or want to learn foiling or surfboard — we start from where you left off. We only require your safety and the safety of all other beach users. Everything else is practice!


one person with one kite (click for more info)


two person with one kite (click for more info)


foil and strapless board

Nowadays kitesurfing gives you plenty of opportunities. Here at FlaminGokite we can teach you two of them - using foil and surf/strapless boards. It’s a very different sensation from the twin tip board and you can use all kinds of wind conditions. It’s going to help you master your overall kitesurfing skills.

Strapless COURSES

Kitesurfing with a strapless board will give you the feeling of a good powder day in the snowy mountains. You can just go cruising in the water, go for a wave session, or do freestyle tricks. We start with the basics of the waterstart and build up to jibes, tacks, and wave riding. It’s entirely up to you what exactly you want to learn. Progression is fast and you can independently practice what you’ve learned in the course.


Hydrofoiling might seem very difficult but it’s actually not. The best part is you can use really light wind conditions. Following the right steps with the proper equipment is going to help you learn fast and safely. Our Cabrinha Double Agent foil board is equipped with three different masts (short, medium, and long). We start with the short and progress from there. Expect to fall a lot in the beginning, but once you master staying on the foil, you’ll finally feel the magic!

things to know

The Flying Flamingos WorkshopKitesurfing workshop leaded by Jan Demner. Specialized in foil boarding from waterstart till jibes, tacks and big air, old-school tricks, board offs, …
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"Great team, amazing atmosphere and way less people than in Keros bay!" Manuel T., Google Maps